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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  March 13, 2011 10:00pm-10:35pm EDT

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disaster in japan. the death toll anddwhat the u-s is now doing to help the survivors. -------------------------------- ------ a littte girl riding her attacked by dogs. dogs. "the police officer trapped the dog in between those two fe" pences." how a neighbor helped saveeher and what happened to the animals. -------------------------------- ----------------------------- -------------------------------- ----------------------------- "the game belongs to the fans" fans" and fired up about the n-f-l lockout. captain defeese speaks out for ravees fans. good evening, i'm jennifer gglbert.a baltimore county
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girl is recovering from attacked by two dogs..t he was - dundalk.... right outside thee - house.melinda roeder is live from that neighborhood with more on what led to the vicious ordeal.melinda. witnesses say the little girl suffereddbites all over her body. her head and neck were mauled. some of her hair, chewed off. they sayythe dogss &pwouudn't top until neighbors tookkmatters ntootheir own hands... and began fighting bac. bbck. 07:40 "and i heard there wws two ddgs and they literally attacked the girl. so sad." 08:44 "it's terrifying."it's a neighborhood where kids typically play outside... (nats)... and pets... walk what happenee here on this sidewalk saturday has evvryone startled. andrrw &phandakas10:25 "veey surprisii because number one i've never hearddof any pit bulls on the loose. never heard of any kids being attacked... very were playing... outdoorr when they suddenly heard loud
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barking... 15:01 "and then we just heard screaming and then we looked down and saw the dogs dragging her into thee street."one of their playyates... a 7 year old girl... was riding herrbike... when two it bulls chased her down... and pulled her right off. residents ran to help, but one was reluctant to let go. into mm house and we were just watching... ith a shovel and then the og just let go."police say it appears the dogs... escaped from their owners' fence. clearly marked... with a beware sign. jagroop sandhu--07:31 "they got through the fence. there was a little holl in the back." some say it's happened before. 08:07 "i think it's like the paat, the dogs chased in the - but this time... a young girl is taken to the hospital. badly injured.08:25 "it's very sad..i feel very sorry for the llttle girl." the girl remains in serious ccndition. a neighbor's dog
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was also severelyybitten when animal control seized onn of the the dogs - the one mainly responsible for biting the child.charges are now pending against theeowwer. ive in dundalk, melinda roeder, fox 45 news at ten. 2 men and a woman aree shot while leaving a deli in north baltimore. baltimore. it happened last night...around 6 o'clock at the intersection of gorsuch avenue and independence street. 19-year-oll tanise ervin was shot. she was taken to johns hopkins where she later died. the male victims...aaes 20 and 24 are in stabll condition aa area hospitals. police have not made any arrests. 3 an arlington, virginia woman is murdered and her co-worker sexually assaulted in bethesda. it happened friday night...inside lulu-lemon...a store. 30-year-old jayna murray was killed. she was engaaee to be maaried. a memmrial for her is growing outside the store.
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3 3 she liked to travel and she likeddto hike and very athletic person..and full of spirit and life. life. 3 3 i don't know what it is. it's horrific beyond words. pords. police say the menn ho attacked the victims were wearing masks and gloves. police ssy they got into the store through a door left open. the two women went back after hours to get something they left behind. a 5-year-old girl disappears on her way to school in west baltimore. myranda stephens has more on tte search for the missing teen... and why her family says its getting very little help from police. police. nats of knocking at door!!! they went from door to door... desperate for help finding their missing teen. 16:30 we just really want her tt come home 31 15-year-old andrea gardner disappeared monday, feeruary 28th.her family says she was supposed to catch an m-t-a bus to edmondson igh school... but never made it. lashari 17:45 iidon't know what might've happened because
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it all just happened suddenly it just happened she just didn't come back home 53 andrea's family reported her disappearance to poliie... but they say detectives aren't doing much to help... because the tten has runaway before. lola 22:42 f theyysay she ran away before okay it might be a different situatton this time because shees never been awaa frrm home this long 50and the family says there have been strange things happening disappeared. a couple nights ago... they got an anonymous phone call from a man saying he saw the girl in a house on mount holly street. and just recentlyy.. someone opened a facebook page unddr her name. lashari 18:36 it doesn't have a picture of her up there it doesn't have any information by... maurice gardner says his if anybody seen her to lee us know because i'm worried 23 bbt he and hissfamily vow to keep up their search... until andrea is found. lola 23:22 we wanna let her know that we love her and no matter what's
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going on in her life we are here for her 28 butt butt butt maurice 2:06 we just need you to come home (pause) because we miss you 10in west baltimore, myranda stephens, fox45 news at ten. a baltimore police spokesperson says the department takes all missing persons cases seriously... and investigate each thoroughly. hh askssanyone with information about gardner to call 9-1-1. a eparture ceremony was held this morning as more than 2- dozen members oo a u-s army ready to be deployed. deployed.friends, families, send off members of the 203rd transportation unit.they will be transportiig argo froo kuwait to afghanistan.they willlbe deployed for a little more than a year.goverrorr martin o'malley attended the ceremony. "i'm just a small symbol of a who will praying for our soldiers, everr single day phat they are there. and thhy will be praying for you and theirrsafe and speedy etuun." the unit will sail the "mmjor
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general robert smmlls" - the u-s armm's largest powered watercraft. 3 &p a huge rally protesting the governor's proposed state pension reeorm is planneedfor tomorrow night in nnapolis. annapolis. at least 5- thousand people are expected to be at the "enough is enough" rally at lawyers mall. under the governor's proppsal...state workers would have to make a choice to either pay more into their retirement or more for their benefits. governor o'malley says something has to be done because the state's current pension system is simply unsustainable. 3 "the state gov are in trouble primarily becauseeof where the economy has gone and liibility and becauss of the size of state payyolls and because oo the expansiveness of the state govts, these things are all now coming to a " head." the rally starts at 6 o'clock tomorrow night. the n-f-l lockout has ffns here in baltimore annry. angrr. captain defense --- a superfan of the baltimore ravees ---- held a protest today against the n-f-l owners and the players.
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they gathered in front of m-and-t stadium to say "what about the fans?" "me as a fan, i'm just sickk and tired getting taken for granted. sometimes i get the, nfl talking about partnership, well i guess they're talking about the players and the owners, not talking about the fans because we're not. basscally they're saying give us your money and go in the corner and shut up we don't want to hear you." the fans say they want to make it clear they're protesting against the n-f-l..... and the whole situation--- not the baltimore ravens. an absolutely beautiful day... to enjoy an extra hour of sunsh. sunshine. chief meteorooogist vytas eid is here with a look at the start of the work weee.vytas?
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today was thee56th annual saant patrick's day parade in baltimore. 3----music----- ----music----- city and state officials including governor martin o'malley joined the parade washington monument and ended at market place.many came out decked in green to celebrate the holiday parade. 3 3& new video of th tsunami... showing the
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devastation in japan. the concern over radiation leaking from a nuclear 3 deadly bus crash... a hard time finding out what caused it...lattr on fox45 and a 25 feet deep sinkhole...swalloos cars on a &pbeen evvn 3
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another incredible sceneecaptured whennthe tsunami hit japan friday. a huge wave of water just takes over the town of miyako... everything in the tsunami's path...swallowed up. 3 toppled over the water seewall...they were crushed and mashed into a bridde. the person who shot this video and others stood oo a balcony abbve the water...put their own life at rrsk to capture &pthe scene. meantime, rescue crews from around the globe arrive in tokyo. mennand women
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from germany, switzerland, hugary and taiwan brought tons of high-tech equupment with &pthem. they also brought rescue dogs to help in the search for survivors. the u-s &pmiliiary is sending helicopters to the devastated area with food, water and &pmedical supplies. as of today...more than 14--undred people were killed by the quake and resulting are still missing. and as martin savidge shows us...survivors aae returning to the devastated areas hoping to find loved ones aliie. alive. p3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 how do you begin to search what looks like the end of the world?innthe seaside city of sendai, emergency teams carefully pick their way through the devastation, tsunami's impact. often the teams are trailed by anxious civilians, looking for any signs of missing loved ones. i wanted to ask this man who he wws looking for, but i nevvr got the chance (standup)so we were starting to ollow along what appears to be a search
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crew but now the proolem is there has been another tsunami warninn. so the crew and everyone else has been told to get away. whichhis what we are doing (end of sttnddp)its hard to tell how real the threat may be, nerves in sendai are very mmch still on edge. offfcialssshout their warnings, load up and head for higher ground" we go in the opposite direction headinn toward the coast. and the closer we get the morr unreal the scenery, the tidal surge rushed inland in some places 6 miles, getting around is difficult.. many roads are impaasable. adding to the apocalyptic sccnes, huge fires continue to burn unchecked, thick black smoke and flames boil from a refinery. as we shoot video of the scene we notice something else up.. until now we have heard the sirens, we have heard the annouucements, another tsunami is coming,,but no body really seemed to be that anxious, then all of a sudden we noticed the water, the water
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is racing out, we're leaving pe head for higher ground and wait, forrunately the threat never materializes, which is a good thing. because sendai has already seen more than its share of hell anddhigh water. martin savidge, cnn sennai, japan energy experts are working round the clock to avert another potential disaster in japan.explosiins badly damaged the cooling ssstems n two nuclear reactors, rrleasing a small amount f radiation into the air. the japanese evacuation of the area as a precaution.they say the amount of radiation released does nnt pose any serious threat, but more than a hundred people were tested for expooure. 3 the earthquake in japan sparkeddwaves as high as eight feet in coastal towns in califo. california. it's estimated the tsunami-made wavee caused close to 20 million dollars in ddmages to boats in the santa cruz harbor. the huge waves flipped some boats
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over...others were slammed into each other...leaving them badly damagee. people with boats in santa cruz were at tte docks all weekend. 3 "weeve got fisherman here, it's there livelihood. their families depend on their boats and their equipment to survive - some offus like me those are our homes." homes." "this is my clothes, my son's clothes, mm husbands work clothes, and that's it for now." now." 3 5 people were swept out to sea because of the tsunami-made waves. 4 of them were rescued, one is missing and believed to be dead. 3 we'll continue to cover the disaster in japan. and you can leaan more on our websitt. dot com and look for hot topics. 3 rising flood waters in new jersey. how much longgr thousands of people evacuted
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?ca new jerseyyhas beee
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experiencing major flooddng --- nd it's getting worse. and roads have been completely under water. the passaic river crested today -- and the surging waters gottas high as five feet. low lying towns --- like pittle falls --- will be hit the hardest.reeidents theee may be kept out of theehomes until wednesday. --jen tosses to vytass-
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remember fox45 skywatch weather is at your finggrtips. fingertips. i-radar is available at foxbaltimore ddt com. you can use ffx45's interactive tools and powerful doppler - go to foxbaltimore dot com and click on i-radar.. 3 3 14 people killed in a bus crash. the eason police are having such hard timm finding out what caused ann linnsay lohan...accused of stealing a diamond necklace. the new surveillance video oo the actress in the jewerly store...after the break.
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just $84.99 a month with no term contract required. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities new york stateepolice are still trying to figure out left 14 people dead.ash that deaa.the bus was carrying 31 passengers and a driver from a casino in connecticut to manhattan's chinaatown yesterday when it flipped on its side and skidded into a signpost --- almost splitting the bus in two. the bus driver survived the wreck and told investigators a tractor trailer side swiped him causing him toolose story...saying the driivr was going too fastt "some of them were really
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pritical: skull fracturess rib fractures, internal bleeding" the crash remain in critical condition tonight. a huge sink hole swallows uppcars in milwaukee, wisconsin. it's 25 feet wide and 25 ffet deep. iit opened up saturday. it was caused bb a water main breaa. the cars in the hole were parked when they fell in so no one was hurt. 3 in entertainment news...the evidence piles up against lindsay lohan. lohan.she's been accused of stealing a 25-hundred necklace pack in surveillance video has surfaced showing the star trying on the piece of jewelry. the next day it was reported stolen.lohan recently rejected &pa plea deal and now the case issbeing delayed til next month.if convicted she could
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face up to 3 years in prison. hollywood is coming to balttmore..h-b-o annnunced it will film the made for tv mmvie "game change" in baltimore.the ilm will follow the campaign of senator john mccaii during his 2008 &ppresidential campaigg.and actress julianne moore will play sarah palin.the production is expected to bring almost 2-thousand jjbs to the area and should begin scoutiig locations next week. 3 maryland had a disappointing end to its seassn... but were they good enough to make the in ports unlimited...
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a saint patrick's day tradition ccntinues in chicago. speedboats doused the chicago river in green saturday. tte dye is actually orange...but once it hits the water it becomes bright emerald. the river dyeing has been going on for the past 40 years. 3 that's all for the news at ten... up next bruce cunningham breaks down thh n- c-double-a tournaaent with loyola head coach jimmy patsos... brucc... .coming upptonight on sports unlimited... selection sunday is here... we know maryland won't be in the big dance... but were hey able to sscure an n-i-t bid???... and jimmy patsos will join us live in studiooto break down each four predictions....if you're don't want to miss that... that... .the orioles hosted detroit... see how a former towson tiger helped his current tigers to a big game against the birds in sarasota.....the nfl miggt be in a loccout but tom zbikowski
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is still hiiting people... seee how the ravens safety did in the ring last night....and we'll reliveesome of the best poments of last weekks conference tournaments.... you'll want to sttck around for that....sports unlimited starts right after this... .
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